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International document certification and translation requirements vary widely from one country to another, so your best first step is talk to one of our specialist multi-lingual lawyer “Scrivener Notaries”.  We deal regularly with countries worldwide and can communicate direct with foreign lawyers to interpret your particular legal requirements in the countries you deal with.  Clarity in these technical requirements is critical to getting international documents 100% correct first time and delivered on time.  We deal with all aspects of:

We can handle everything you need now very efficiently and we will help you to streamline the process to make it easier for you and your people next time, once you are on board with us.  You can then focus on your business with absolute confidence that your documents can be relied upon.

Trusted Experience, Modern Practice

Established for 250 years and helping 3,000 international businesses each year, De Pinna have the largest team of specialist, multi-lingual “Scrivener” Notaries in the UK and are the only firm of Scrivener Notaries with Information Security Management systems accredited to the ISO27001 standard; so you can count on us to get it right. Situated in the heart of London’s West End, we are one of the few specialist notary firms based close to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and all the Foreign Consulates in London, where our in-house messengers deliver the notarised documents securely by hand to be “apostilled” and “legalised”.

De Pinna Notaries walking the London Legal Walk

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Information about the appointment of Notaries and the disciplinary rules to which we are subject can be found at www.facultyoffice.org.uk


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