London Notaries Public for cross-border transactions

Posted: 19th May 2014

Notaries at our Piccadilly and Canary Wharf offices are often instructed to assist in producing notarial certification for cross-border documentation. Often the relevant notarial requirements can be determined upon first glance of the document, however, where the transaction is more complex a London Notary Public may be required to liaise with your international legal counsel or local third party. Frequently, the local point of contact will only be able to offer his expertise in their domestic language. In these circumstances our team of notaries public/lawyer linguists at London and Canary Wharf are able to provide experienced legal and linguistic assistance for our clients.

What is a lawyer linguist?

Our London Notaries Public based in our respective offices in Piccadilly and Canary Wharf are all professionally qualified Notaries Public who each possess the ability to communicate in our given language specialisms with foreign legal professionals. In order to provide the best service possible for our clientele De Pinna offers a dedicated Brazilian, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish department.

What are the benefits of instructing a lawyer linguist?

We can prepare notarial certification in the required target language.
As we have specialised departments for each major European language we can quickly prepare notarial certification drafted in the local language and in a manner compliant with the relevant legal requirements. In addition, our notaries public residing at Piccadilly, London and Canary Wharf, London, can prepare and verify true translations for use abroad.

We can communicate directly with foreign professionals in their local language
All of our notaries public can not only speak a foreign language but have spent significant time using their linguistic ability whilst studying, working and living abroad. As part of our training all of our London notaries public have spent six months abroad working at a firm of notaries. This allows each Notary Public to further their legal and linguistic understanding of the foreign country/ language in order to ensure that they understand the relevant local requirements and provide our clients with first-hand experience in the most efficient and accurate manner. By being able to effectively communicate: adopting the correct tone, asking the right questions, negotiating on legal issues, and understanding cultural sensitivities – we aim to breakdown legal and language barriers in order to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

In our pursuit to provide a bespoke lawyer linguist service, De Pinna Notaries , with over 250 years’ experience, continues to gain a global reputation around the world for preparing notarial certification tailored to directly meet local legal and linguistic requirements.


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