Notarising Companies House Documents

Posted: 4th August 2014

UK–based firms may often find themselves being asked to provide copies of official company documents, or evidence of their registration with the UK Commercial Registry – Companies House, particularly when doing business abroad. Overseas Commercial Registries, Government Authorities and Financial Institutions are just a few examples of entities which might have such requirements.

Almost invariably a simple copy provided by the UK firm itself will not suffice. Those requiring such documentation in overseas jurisdictions will normally insist upon it being certified by a notary public and/or attested by “Apostille” issued by the Legalisation Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). For certain countries, attestation at the relevant Consulate or Diplomatic Mission may also be required. In each of these scenarios a notary in London will be able to assist.

Notary London

Corporate documentation which is held on public record at Companies House may be attested by a notary in London. After carrying out a search of the documentation on file, the notary may issue a certificate to attest the good standing of a UK-registered company. The notary may also attest as a true record the details on the public file, for instance issuing a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association or Last Annual Return as currently filed on the public register.

In addition to making certifications regarding details held on file at Companies House, a notary in London is able to add value by making further statements regarding how the company is represented and able to validly execute documents in accordance with current UK Company Law (The Companies Act 2006). This is often of particular use to firms doing business in countries which have Civil Law legal systems. The Commercial Registries in these countries often hold very detailed information regarding the persons who are authorised to represent and sign on behalf of companies. Companies House holds no equivalent information on file, and as such, additional statements of Law made by a notary can be vital bridging this gap. In the case of scrivener notaries, their knowledge of civil law legal systems and ability to issue notarial certifications directly in the language of the receiving jurisdictions can almost be of great benefit to client.

Companies House

On other occasions a certified copy document or a Certificate of Good Standing issued directly by an official at Companies House may be sufficient to meet the requirements of the receiving jurisdiction. A notary in London will be able to facilitate the process by obtaining these on behalf of clients.

Notary Canary Wharf

In order to meet the on-going requirements of businesses in the capital, De Pinna now also offers our clients easy access to a notary in Canary Wharf through our Docklands Satellite Office.

“Apostille” and Consular Legalisation

Once the required documents have been certified by a notary or directly by Companies House, a notary in London or a notary in Canary Wharf will be able to arrange for an Apostille to be issued by the FCO and/or legalisation at the London Consulate or Diplomatic Mission of the receiving jurisdiction.


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