De Pinna provides notarial certification of all types of documents required by both private and corporate clients for use worldwide.

What does notarial certification mean?

  • “Certification”, “notarisation”, “authentication”, “attestation”, are words frequently used where the services of a Notary are required.
  • Most commonly notarial certification involves a Notary checking your identity and your capacity to sign a document, e.g. a Power of Attorney. If you are signing on behalf of a company or other legal identity, the Notary will also need to check your authority to act. Alternatively a Notary might be required to authenticate the authenticity of an official document, e.g. a Degree Certificate, or issue a certified copy of an original document, e.g. a Passport.

What is the Procedure?

  • This can vary greatly depending on the document in question, the destination country in which it is to be used and whether you are a private individual or a representative of a company or other legal entity.
  •  Each situation is different and our Notaries have the expertise to advise in relation to the specifics of each case.

How can De Pinna help?

  • At De Pinna we are specialists in dealing with all types of notarial matters.
  • We can advise as to how best to proceed in a quick, pragmatic and cost-effective way. Often there will be various options available – we will aim to find the best solution for you.
  • Our major strengths are our vast experience and our linguistic skills. We are aware of the many potential pitfalls of not having your documents certified in accordance with the requirements of the destination country and can assist you in ensuring that these are avoided.

Can you deal with foreign language documents?

  • Yes, our Notaries are lawyer-linguists. We can issue our notarial certification in English or in the language of the destination country in most cases.
  •  Where necessary we can also issue our notarial certification in a dual-column bilingual format.
  • Should your documents also require translation and/or legalisation, we can also assist you with this.

Our eleven notaries will be happy to guide you through the process, provide cost estimates and answer any queries you may have. You can also find more information on our FAQS page. Please contact any of our notaries at the addresses listed below with any enquiries.


020 7208 2900

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