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Leading with a strong legacy and a commitment to excellence since 1775


With our team of leading notarial experts, our extensive support team and world-class resources, you can always put your trust and confidence in De Pinna. As the largest and a long-established firm of Scrivener Notaries in England and Wales, a third of the FTSE 100 companies trust our ability to handle their documents safely.

As leaders in our field, we are capable of dealing with documents regardless of their complexities.
We are trusted by the leading players in their field to be the leading players in ours.


Established in 1775, De Pinna’s legacy is built upon our unparalleled depth of knowledge and a strong commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. We always look ahead to welcoming new clients whilst we continue to nurture our client partnerships, some of which have spanned the last century. We have built an international reputation amongst legal professionals as the go-to firm for notarial work. In short, we embrace our heritage, whilst continuously modernising.

The first and only firm of notaries in England and Wales accredited with the international standard for security management ISO 27001


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