Iain Ostrowski-Rogers

Iain Ostrowski-Rogers is a nationally recognised specialist for his work in relation to countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Hungary. He qualified as a Scrivener Notary in 2000 and has been consulting with De Pinna since 2019.

Iain completed his M.A. in Modern and Medieval Languages at Clare College, Cambridge University.

He currently teaches notarial practice at University College London as part of the Notarial Practice Course and is on the court of the Scriveners Company, acting as the Company’s Officer. In addition, Iain runs the Notarial Professional Course for the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland as well as courses in notarial practice in Guernsey, Jersey and Hong Kong.

Iain has committed his career to raising standards within the notarial profession in England and Wales and other jurisdictions with similar systems and leading by example as a dedicated Scrivener Notary.

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