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Pricing Information


Our minimum fee for a notarial act is £96 inc. VAT. This fee would normally apply, for example, to a notarised copy of the bio-data pages from a passport. Most notarial services are more complex and will incur a higher fee.

If no service agreement is in place, we will quote individually for any request for notarial services, providing a fixed fee whenever possible. If it is not possible to quote a fixed fee, we will provide you with the basis for the fee, applying an hourly rate of £540 per hour for a notary, and further provide you with a proper estimate of the fee based on the information that you have provided at that time.


Our minimum fee for translating a document is £90. Our minimum fee for providing a certified translation of a document is £186. We will quote individually for any request for translation services, basing that fee on the number of words and the language combination required.


Our minimum fee for obtaining an apostille at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is £160 inc. VAT. The cost of the apostille is added to our fee.

Our minimum fee for obtaining legalisation of a document at an Embassy or High Commission (including an initial attendance at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) is £288 inc. VAT. The cost of the apostille and of the consular legalisation is added to our fee.

We will quote individually for any request for legalisation services, basing that fee on your specific requirements, the number of documents to be apostilled or legalised, and any specific requirements of the relevant Embassy or High Commission.


Our notaries are also authorised to act as commissioners for oaths in respect of affidavits and statutory declarations that are to be used within England and Wales.

The statutory fees for commissioner for oaths services are £5 inc. VAT per person swearing or affirming an affidavit or making a statutory declaration and £2 inc. VAT for marking an exhibit to an affidavit or statutory declaration.

The statutory fees will apply to this work if it is carried out at one of our offices. If you instruct a notary to attend on you outside our offices, a fee quote will be provided on the same basis as for notarial services.

Service Information

De Pinna Notaries is the trading name of De Pinna LLP (“De Pinna”), a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with number OC421725 and with registered office at Southwest House, 11a Regent Street St. James’s, London SW1Y 4LR, England.

Our core business is the provision of notarial services to individuals and business in Central London and throughout England and Wales.

We also offer translation and document legalisation services, either as standalone services or in conjunction with our notarial services.

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Redress Information

De Pinna has professional indemnity insurance at or above the minimum level prescribed by the Master of the Faculties as the approved regulator of notarial activities under the Legal Services Act 2007. The territorial coverage of the policy is worldwide and it complies with the applicable requirements of the Master of the Faculties.

Further information on De Pinna’s insurance cover may be obtained by contacting us via e-mail to

Complaint Information

1. Each notary at De Pinna is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

The Faculty Office 1, The Sanctuary
Westminster, London SW1P 3JT

Telephone: 020 7222 5381

2. If you are dissatisfied about the service you have received please do not hesitate to contact the firm’s Senior Partner, Mr David Fawcett : +44 (0)207 208 2919,

3. If we are unable to resolve the matter you may then complain to the Society of Scrivener Notaries of which I am a member, who have a Complaints Procedure which is approved by the Faculty Office. This procedure is free to use and is designed to provide a quick resolution to any dispute.

4. In that case please write (but do not enclose any original documents) with full details of your complaint to:

The Clerk
The Scriveners Company
HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs
Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2PN

If you have any difficulty making a complaint in writing, please do not hesitate to call the Clerk’s office on 020 7240 0529 for assistance. 

5. Finally, even if you have your complaint considered under the Complaints Procedure, you may at the end of that procedure or after a period of eight weeks from the date you first notified me that you were dissatisfied, make your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, if you are not happy with the result:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806
Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ

6. If you decide to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, you must refer your matter to the Legal Ombudsman within six months from the conclusion of the complaint process.

Regulatory Information

All the notaries at De Pinna are regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.