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Portuguese & Brazilian Department

De Pinna has provided notarisation, translation and legalisation services to both individual and corporate clients with interests in luso-speaking countries for many years. 

We have acquired a wealth of experience and understanding of legal and business requirements for these countries, and more especially Brazil, Portugal and Angola. 

Where documents are to be used in these jurisdictions we would normally issue our notarial certification in the Portuguese language, saving time and the cost involved in having a translation made elsewhere.

Where non-Portuguese speaking clients require our notarisation services, our Notaries are able to provide written or verbal translations as required. There are Portuguese speakers at the firm, allowing us to communicate with clients in Portuguese where necessary.

We notarially certify many types of documents including:
  • Corporate documents such as Certificates of Incorporation, Resolutions, and Articles of Association;
  • Powers of Attorney, Proxies, Authorisations and similar documents;
  • Documents relating to the incorporation of Portuguese, Brazilian and Angolan subsidiaries or registration of branches of United Kingdom entities in those jurisdictions;
  • Appointments of branch managers and authorised signatories;
  • Commercial Registry Extracts (both for UK–registered entities and those registered in many other jurisdictions);
  • Tenders;
  • Property matters where notarial expertise is required;
  • Inheritance matters where notarial expertise is required
Once notarised, a document will usually require legalisation.  Documents for Brazil and Portugal are legalised by Apostille of the Hague Convention at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, whereas Angola and Mozambique require legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and at their respective Consulates. 

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